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Family Health 360

Family Health 360 endeavors to support persons who are about to begin the relationship of marriage and the responsibility of parenting, those who are already members of established families, and those who are disconnected from their family. If you read between the lines, we serve everyone.


Our focus is relationships. We hope to serve potential and existing families in such a way as to head off situations and conditions that negatively affect the marriage and the parent/child relationship. Our counseling programs are intended to help repair strained or damaged relationships - beginning with one’s relationship with the Lord.


Our lessons, blog, and counseling programs are Christ-centered and dedicated to the emotional and spiritual health of the entire family. It is our belief that the family is only as functional as its least functional member. As such, we do not believe it is possible for any individual member to be unaffected by disturbances in the families equilibrium. As such, we strongly recommend a full-family approach to education and counseling.


If you are suffering from emotional disequilibrium, family dysfunction, personal anxiety, marital suffering, or addictions ,you are encouraged to contact and engage a Christian counseling provider like Family Health 360. If you are in need of this type of support, CLICK HERE to be transported to FamilyHealth360.com where you can learn more about us, enjoy a lesson or or two, or make a counseling or coaching appointment.


If your situation involves danger or a perception of bodily harm, either at the hand of another, or yourself . . .

CALL 911

 Or the emergency services telephone number used in your locality.



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 HOPE365Plus is a coaching and mentoring program developed to help you move to and through your next stages of life. We are all about freedom, freedom to do as the Lord intends for you, freedom from sin, and the freedom to have the kind of hope that inspires personal confidence.


Our initial goals are to help you learn how to engage in positive restorative conversations with your family, learn how to navigate through the ins and outs of daily life, secure a place to live, and to become employed. We also help you move to your next level of development through career counseling, educational/vocational enrollment, and/or next-level skills enhancement.


 You will be matched with a local mentor who is trained to coach you through your life needs and next steps planning. He or she will disciple you to become the woman or man, wife or husband, and mother or father you were always intended to become. Your mentor is backed up by the stability and resources of an associated local church where you will have the opportunity to flourish among friends.  Remember, our program is about helping you become a confident, independent man or woman who is ready to embrace your new reality.


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Project 1522 is based on Proverbs 15:22 which states: "Without consultation, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed".(NASB) There are many other passages in the Bible that exclaim how important it is that men and women have available to them quality counselors, and since it is in the Bible it is true. Where the Lord expects us to find these counselors is among those who make up His church. And, of course, the church is loaded with quality men and women who are well developed in their understanding of the word and are mature in their walk with Christ. It is not uncommon for a new or younger member of the church to ask a more seasoned member about something they read in God's word, but many in the church are apprehensive to seek help with personal problems.


Another situation that exists in the church is the availability of leadership to take on the duties of counselor. It is no secret that many pastors and senior lay leaders are apprehensive to provide counseling because the are afraid of offending someone, concerned about liability, or have not enough time to fully engage a person's condition or perceived problem. In fact, over 50% of pastors admit that they limit their counseling activities for one of the mentioned reasons.


The problem with these limitations is that most people needing help reach out to ineffective secular counselors, or do not seek help at all, which can leads to serious consequences. Baymeadows Center for Hope and Healing is developing Project 15:22 which is a process by which several churches can share the responsibility of providing trained Mental Health coaches, mentors, and counseling services.


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Passport Member Care

Missionary families are families like any other family. They have ups and downs, go through life transitions, and have to make adjustment along the way. Most people expect missionaries to have rock-solid constitutions, perfect faith, and an impeccable relationship with the Lord. How could they not be nearly perfect in every way? Unfortunately, most missionaries know this is how people see them, so they generally refrain from seeking the type of soul care that most of us know we need from time-to-time. Often this puts them on an island of suffering that can turn to dispare, a loss of faith, and a termination of their service - if not their marriage.


 If you are a missionary reading this, you may be in a situation where you need a little support. If that is the case, we are here and ready to provide it. If you are not a missionary, you may be a bit surprised to learn that missionaries struggle just like you. Missionaries love what they do, but their job can be very difficult at times, just like yours. But as much as they are just like you, their ministry placement makes their circumstances unique, and sometimes they need the type of care that they can only get from their passport country.


 Passport Member Care is Baymeadows Center for Hope and Healing's initiative to provide preventive soul care and a unique debriefing program intended to help missionaries make a smooth transition back to their passport country.




This group is for anyone who has an aching heart over a loved one or friend bound in the chains of addiction.


Addiction is not just drugs or alcohol, but a wide range of things that begin a cycle of destructive behavior. This class will teach you the difference between helping and enabling.


Change is possible by making a choice to stop the destructive downward cycle, using God’s biblical principles and receiving emotional and spiritual support.

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Certified Mental Health Coach

CMHC is a certification program offered by Light University. It is required for all Baymeadows Center for Hope & Healing, Inc. employees and volunteers who are not otherwise board certified and/or licensed, who will have client contact. It is also recommended for all affiliate mentors and coaches who will not have a formal church endorsement when working in the Project1522 or HOPE365plus programs.


CMHC has an enrollment fee of  $2400.00 plus a $54.00 technology fee. However, there is an available scholarship that covers the entire enrollment fee. If you are affiliated with Baymeadows Center, we have a scholarship for you. Also, this scholarship is available to all churches for the foreseeable future.  To learn more about this program, visit: https://www.lightuniversity.com/mentalhealthcoach/ or inquire with your BCHH supervisor or mentor. If you will be using the BCHH scholarship – do not request a scholarship at the Light University web site.




Baymeadows Center for Hope and Healing is a Christian Social Services ministry that strives to provide programs and services at no cost to

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